portraitThe Foundation was established in memory of Lowri Pugh whose early death from breast cancer highlighted the necessary support required, as a prerequisite, for patients like Lowri. The Foundation has already agreed to fund a project at Velindre Hospital to this effect. Lowri was a broadcast journalist with BBC Wales; a career that she had happily pursued for a number of years before her premature death at the age of forty one. Her success and enjoyment at the BBC in Wales was directly proportionate to the personal and lasting relationships that she established whilst working there.

The success of the Foundation will be dependent, presently and in the future, on those colleagues and friends that were so much part of her life. Sustaining Lowri’s memory, through Foundation projects, is the long term aim of the trustees and her many friends and colleagues who are presently supporting the work of the Foundation.

Although her first degree was in Law she had always had the veracity to follow a career in Broadcast Journalism. Early career departures were transcended by her overwhelming desire to achieve this and by her mid-twenties that aspiration was fulfilled.

Her short Journalism career gave her the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world before she settled down to the domesticity of the variety of different roles at BBC Wales and other media outlets in South Wales. During the last year of her life she experienced sustenance and commendable support from nurse professionals at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff, who practised in dealing with breast cancer patients. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this support enabled her to have direct contact on a one to one basis by telephone and email with a nurse professional. The help, advice and moral support she received medically and psychologically helped her cope with the trauma associated with her illness. Towards the end of her life the realisation that she only had a limited amount of time left, required this form of engagement with appropriately qualified professionals.The denouement of her illness highlighted the need for breast cancer patients to be professionally supported at all stages of their illness but particularly at critical times when desperation and hopelessness become the very being of patients with breast cancer.

These days the professional support accorded Lowri has diminished. The Foundation will be able to facilitate medical and psychological support from authorised and trained personnel in whichever way may be appropriate. They will be based at the Velindre Hospital, Whitchurch Cardiff allowing breast cancer patients to contact them when they feel the need.