The Foundation in conjunction with the Velindre Hospital; Whitchurch Cardiff will launch its first project in February. Two nurse professionals with the requisite training will be employed on a part time basis to facilitate access for breast cancer patients to appropriate support and advice during the period of their illness. This will be advised by telephone and online access to the nurse professionals.
The trustees are pleased that the project will be linked to a longitudinal research study undertaken by Cardiff University entitled: “What are the information and preferences of receipt of young metastatic breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy?”

We will keep everyone posted regarding the project and also how it contributes to the long term study at the University. We are extremely grateful to Clare Boodier at the Velindre Hospital for her invaluable advice and support. She is the research nurse and team leader of the clinical trials unit at the Velindre Cancer Centre.

The Nurses carrying out the research at Velindre